about me

I am an abstract expressionist painter who believes that art has the power to inspire deep thought and feelings.

I developed an interest in art at a young age. While reading politics and sociology at university, I started toying with the idea of incorporating philosophical concepts into my paintings, which ultimately informs my practice today.

Currently, I mainly work and reside in Hong Kong, together with my husband and our four cats.

what inspires me

My art is as much inspired by my day-to-day life as by my travels, and my feelings and thoughts along the way. Another constant influence on my work is my love for the sea. While growing up on the coast, I often found myself staring at the harbour, immersed in its nothingness and plentifulness all at once.

It was my restless, imaginative mind that led me to abstract art. To me, abstract art is thought-provoking as it allows the viewer to interpret it in their own unique way, keeping them visually and intellectually engaged.

At the heart of my work is a belief that art has the power to connect people in meaningful ways. By sharing my emotions and intuitive ideas through my paintings, I hope to forge a connection with the viewer that transcends words.