Collection: Uncharted Waters

This series of paintings seeks to inspire contemplation about the unknown and unfinished journeys in life.  Inspired by the artist’s honeymoon in Switzerland, the collection features a palette of blue, green, and gold that represents the serene beauty of the landscape — its lakes, rivers, and mountains.

Each painting showcases a distinctive white window, symbolising unfinished business.  This element draws inspiration from the artist’s experience with altitude sickness, which compelled her to remain in the hotel instead of exploring one of the most beautiful lakes in the area.  Her husband chose to stay by her side, forsaking his own desire to experience that part of their journey. 

The newlyweds did not visit the lake in the end, as they had to move on with the rest of their sojourn.  But having a void also harbours the promise that one day, they will fill that void.

The white windows represent the unknown and urge the viewer to ponder the possibilities that lie beyond the frame.  Creating this collection helped the artist embrace the notion that uncharted waters are neither inherently good nor bad — they are an integral part of life’s journey.
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